Dec. 6th, 2037 02:29 pm
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Let me know how I'm doing!

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So I guess you've seen this by now.

I just...I don't know. I'm just so aggravated with him right now. He just lets things explode out of control, doesn't ask for help. And considering that it's been a year since I...well, yeah.

I'm still on Earth, by the way, staying in Mariner Bay for now. We dealt with Trakeena again, and Lightspeed Rescue has their demons under control, but right now, I'm just too angry to make the trip back to Mirinoi.
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I'm really sorry about that last virus. Sorry for pretty much kidnapping you on a spaceship, taking you to the orbit of a desolate planet, and assuming you were an evil space monster...

I've tried for the past two days to think of a way to make it not sound completely ridiculous, and it didn't quite work out.

New enemies

Jun. 8th, 2013 09:56 pm
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It looks like I celebrated too soon. Scorpius might be gone, but his daughter, Trakeena, has taken over. And she's a lot stronger than he was. She almost killed Leo.

I feel a little better about her new general, though, Villamax. He's strong, but honorable, letting us go after Leo surrendered. I'm not putting too much hope in him joining our side, but at the very least, he's not as likely to try the dirty tricks Trakeena and Deviot use.
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It was a good day. The Rangers had defeated Scorpius, the colony was safe, and Kendrix had thrown a party and invited the community to celebrate.

As it stood, she'd managed to set up some worldhops through networking (i.e. asking Kaitou nicely) and gotten everything set up in the ocean dome of Terra Venture. There were food and drinks set on tables, and she'd set up a radio for music.

"Just one last thing," she said, typing some commands into a computer.

And the artificial sky of the dome deactivated, showing the stars beyond.

[OOC: Even if you missed the invite post, feel free to join in!]
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Apr. 25th, 2013 11:46 am
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Kaitou, can we talk? It's about the virus.
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[Kendrix is at the computer in her quarters this time, her hair down, in PJs, and with her glasses off. And judging by the way the lights are out, it's well past bedtime. So she's keeping her voice down.]

Sorry I haven't been on lately. We found this strange book a couple of days ago when we went to rescue a damaged ship. [She holds up a photo] So far, we haven't had any luck translating anything in it, though given all of the depictions of different galaxies, we're calling it the Galaxy Book. It's been a nonstop project lately in the Science Division. I figured I'd make some copies to work on later... [She yawns suddenly.]

Guess I'm not getting else done tonight, not without a lot of coffee, at least.
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Feb. 21st, 2013 08:22 pm
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Mike's alive. I can't believe it.

Mike was one of our friends, Leo's older brother. He was part of command with Kai—second only to Commander Stanton. He's the one who led us to Mirinoi to save Maya's people and pulled the Red Quasar Saber from the stone. When the attack happened, he was about to fall into a crevasse in the ground and gave the Saber to Leo and told him to become the Red Ranger in his place. With everyone else on the planet being turned to stone, we thought there was no way he could survive. But he did!

...And it was because of the Magna Defender. All this time, the Magna Defender's been using Mike's body, keeping him alive. Mike's been trying to stop him from doing all those horrible things. This time, he finally listened, but it cost him his life. He released Mike, then sacrificed himself to prevent the entire colony from exploding.

He finally became the hero that I guess his son would have wanted him to be. And Leo has his brother back. I'm still trying to figure out how I should feel about this.

Canon bump

Jan. 17th, 2013 09:04 pm
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Well, we lost the Lights. But it was better than Maya and me losing our friendship. And everyone inside the forcefield came out of it safe, and we got to celebrate Damon's birthday. Not too bad a day, all things considered.

Still working out this iPad Kaitou gave me. I think I'm getting it.


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